Splice Kitchen

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Splice Kitchen is one of the first shared use kitchens in Chicago to open solely for foodservice professionals and small business owners to start, operate and/or grow their business. This shared-use kitchen in Chicago gives business owners the possible use of commercial kitchens, event space, and tons of resources without the commitment or overhead expenses associated with owning/operating a commercial kitchen space in Chicago. Splice Kitchen is  open 24/7, and is available for rent by the hour (discounted memberships based on hourly usage will also be available).

Our Chicago Shared Kitchen is a 2,000 sqft retail and kitchen space that features all of the equipment listed below, free parking (parking contract available for food trucks) and the option for renters to sell their packaged goods from our retail space.  The kitchen space is available for rent as a whole kitchen, or can be broken up into a 450 sqft bakers section and a 450sqft caterers section.  For start-ups, established businesses or indviduals hosting cooking parties, we have the space and the kitchen! 

Kitchen Equipment:

6 Burner Range


Convection Oven



40 Quart Mixer

5 Quart Mixer

2 Prep Sinks

4 1/2 door freezers

Walk-in cooler

3 compartment sink

7 stainless steel work table

1 butcher block/bakers table

Various Small Wares