Splice Kitchen

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Renter/hrs per month                       Rate 

One Time                                               28/hr

Members>20 hrs                                25/hr

Members>40 hrs                                24/hr

Members>60 hrs                                23/hr

*other monthly hour/rate options are available.

[gray hours are between 12:00am and 6:00am, and  rental rate is $15/hr]


 Summer/Holiday Rates [through Dec, and does not include storage]

 First 3 hours free (for members)

10 hours +                                           $23/hr

20 hours +                                           $21/hr

 40 hours +                                          $19/hr



Dry Storage:          $65/per month

Cold Storage:        $75/per month




Per hour                 $10



20-80 hours per month contracts are an option for renters, and contract renters receive the benefit of dry good storage and cold storage at no extra cost for the length of their contract. 

If you don’t use the number of hours you contracted in a month, up to 10 of your hours will roll over each month until the end of your contract.

Example: If your contract allows 60 hours of kitchen use a month, and you only use 45 in January, because you have a 6 month contract, as of February 1st you still have 310 hours of kitchen use available until the end of your contract.

Member clients that have not used the number of hours listed in their contract by the end of their term, will have the right rollover up to 10 of their unused hours per month into another contract, or finish the remaining time without a contract.

Memberships also include free participation at all promotional events hosted by Splice Kitchen.